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our dream is to connect people with a passion for filmmaking and photography no matter what their qualification or interest.


The Refining Fox Collective was made to offer people who want to touch up their cv, complete their long lost passion project or simply gain more experience an opportunity to take matters into their own hands and come together with a varierty of diverse, but likeminded people.


We believe that hard work pays off and that anyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.

The Refining Fox Collective strives to inspire through motion. We have a big passion for portraying social and environmental issues and hope to help educate and make a difference on our planet.


The Refining Fox Collective was founded by writer and director Freja Refning Hansen who runs the collective for now.

Members' skillsets include writing, directing, producing, ADing, camera, editing, colouring, acting.

Are you good with sound? Then we need you!