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3 Ideas Transform A 1990’s Bathroom Into A Timeless Spa Experience

Each style is unique in its own way, offering endless ideas to decorate your space. Our influencers know how best to transform rooms into spectacular spaces whether it's indoors or out, traditional or modern.

3 Ideas Transform a 1990’s Bathroom into a Timeless Spa Experience

Shower systems with body sprays, hand shower, and ceiling mount showerhead offer the ultimate luxury experience. A rain shower head with body jets offers a fully immersive shower experience. Switching to a ceiling mount shower head is actually easier than you might think, especially if your bathroom is under construction. Instead of running the pipe up to the point in the wall where a normal style showerhead would come out, the plumber runs the pipe up into the ceiling, then stubs it out the same way as normal. Instead of an angled shower arm like you would have with a wall mount showerhead, a ceiling mount showerhead requires a straight arm. In fact, the ceiling mount showerhead itself is the SAME as a wall mount showerhead. It's basically just the shape of the shower arm that is different, so you can order any showerhead you want. Typically, people choose a large single setting rain showerhead for the ceiling but you can use any style you like. You just need to make sure you have a straight ceiling mount shower arm. If you always wanted a large overhead rain shower with body jets and hand shower, you just need to take what you learned about shower systems above and order a ceiling mount appropriate shower head plus get a straight ceiling mount shower arm instead of a normal wall mount style shower arm. If you only want a ceiling mount shower faucet with body sprays and don't need a hand shower spray, just go back to a 3-setting diverter trim kit and leave the hand shower out. Simple! Once you get a feel for how the components go together, you'll see that there are many many possibilities.

There is nothing more eye catching and appealing in a master bathroom than a large glass enclosed shower system! This luxurious suite features an Delta Ashlyn shower with jets and shower head. With two pivoting Hydrachoice body sprays on either side of the shower controls. this walk-in shower with jets provides a wide water spray output for a whole-body experience. These shower body jets mount flush into the wall and pop out once activated by water pressure. They are simply pushed back into the wall once the shower is complete. The Ashlyn thermostatic shower control allows each user to set a precise water temperature, while the separate Ashlyn diverter controls which spray outputs are run. Delta's exclusive Venetian Bronze finish seamlessly complements the bronzey brown floor tiles, while also standing out as the center piece against the off-white and pale green shower enclosure tiles. You simply cannot go wrong when choosing a delta shower with multiple body sprays!

The Delta Ara Collection shower with body sprays is the perfect choice for a modern master bathroom shower design. In this particular shower stall, the square shape of the body spray and diverter trims mimic the large rectangular tiles throughout the shower. A multiple jet shower system creates a relaxing home spa experience each time the sprays are engaged. Delta HydraChoice body sprays install flush into the wall, extend automatically with water pressure, and are easily pushed back into place when showering is complete. These unique shower components also offer multiple spray types with a simple change of the spray head. This master shower design also offers a balanced water output with the addition of a hand shower on the opposite side of the spray jets. This added functionality truly offers the most customizable shower experience every time! Delta's Stainless Steel finish is a classic choice for both modern and contemporary shower fixtures as it is timeless enough to last through multiple bathroom updates. Stainless Steel is also the ideal choice for homes with harder water as it is naturally spot resistant and easy to keep clean. This shower truly is the epitome of functionality and style.

Are you considering remodeling your home? The expert design team at M.J. Whelan is here to help you turn your remodeling ideas into reality and transform your house into a home that you can take pride in and enjoy for many years to come. Your current home has endless opportunities available. Let us help you find them!

M.J. Whelan Construction is characterized by outstanding design. We strive to bring a new level of integrity and personalization to every project. By combining creativity, innovation, and years of experience, we can help you carry your project from design to construction. We start by evaluating your existing space to help you to determine what design options will fit your budget. From a rough sketch to preliminary floor plans to the final working drawings, our designer will work together with you to cultivate your ideas into real design solutions. You are the most important member of our design team and our designs are driven by your individual needs and style. We know that each of our clients has their own unique personality and style, so we take pride in working with you to make your space work for you. With your ideas and our proven methods, we look forward to partnering to design a fresh, functional space that will breathe new life into your home. Or, if you already have your own design, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your blueprints come to life. See our Inspired Design's page.

Turn your outdated kitchen into an elegant and functional workspace with a timeless traditional or contemporary cabinet design tailored to the utmost efficiency and suited to your individual needs. Perhaps your vision includes an eclectic or transitional design, or enjoy a taste of Old World style with an Italian Tuscan kitchen, complete with tumbled marble countertops and rich detailed trim. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel with one of the highest returns on investment. We can add furniture-like cabinets, state of the art appliances, heated tile floors, trendy range hoods, multilevel islands, and many other features to make your cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable. Even the smallest of details, such as the addition of unique decorative trim or under-cabinet lighting, can make your old kitchen look and feel brand new. For 100's of beautiful kitchen's see our Kitchen Design page or Gallery of Kitchens.

By completely redesigning the look and feel of this master bathroom, we created a bright, inviting, and functional space for our clients to start their days. We removed the glass blocks and re-tiled the shower, replaced the tub and vanity, installed white cabinetry to bring cohesive brightness into the space, and incorporated a show-stopping patterned floor tile as a prominent design element. A combination of timeless design with modern twists brings this bathroom to life. 350c69d7ab


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